Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Course Map 1.0

The course is ready for pre-ride. If you feel surprised on race day (i.e. "toe spikes, where are my toe spikes")...well, that's on you.

After getting input from many people we think we put together a great course. There may be subtle changes before race day but this is the gist of it. Where the words "options" appear on the map, we are still deciding. Mowers will be out later this week. Thanks Rich, Peder, Brian F., David H, Scott, Cory and the Happy Coffee boys for your help and input.

Have fun.


  1. Will the Benny Hill music be playing again on the "run" up?

  2. I think Larry Grossman takes requests.

  3. Crafted after 3 beers at 10AM?

  4. Any chance of getting our medal mailed to us? My son Owen got 3rd JM13-14. Please post a phone or email of someone who can help. Thanks! Todd Cooper, 303-587-2882.